Flying: Live From the Grey Eagle

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Originally released in 1994


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1. Moving Mountains (2:58) Coming Soon
2. Hard Earned Smile (3:34) Coming Soon
3. Grey Eagle Intro* (0:25)
4. Grey Eagle (3:56) Coming Soon
5. Lemonade (4:58) Coming Soon
6. We Are Each Other's Angels (3:53) Coming Soon
7. Katey Revisited (3:04) Coming Soon
8. New Lullaby (4:04) Coming Soon
9. In the Light Intro* (0:07)
10. In the Light (5:13) Coming Soon
11. A Song of Peace (1:46) Coming Soon
12. Wish (3:23) Coming Soon
13. Song for You Intro* (0:40)
14. Song For You (4:37) Coming Soon

*Note: these tracks are short intros between songs.

About the Making of Flying

Taken from three shows recorded at the Grey Eagle in Black Mountain, NC in the summer of 1994, this album includes live versions of older songs and several previously unrecorded tunes, including We Are Each Other’s Angels and Song for You.

With friends (and seriously poofy hair) at the Grey Eagle show

Readers of arts & entertainment magazine Mountain Xpress voted Flying “Best Recent Local Release” in their 1995 Best of WNC issue.

When David decided to record a live album, the choice of where to record it was easy. The Grey Eagle, now located in Asheville, NC, was then in business in downtown Black Mountain, exactly one mile from David’s house. It has long been his home town room, and the consistent support he has received there from fans and the owners make it an easy decision to record there. Each of the three shows that went into making the record was recorded with multi-track digital gear and mixed down later by producer John Alagia, whose credits include tons of work with the Dave Matthews Band, among many others.

A note from David about Flying:

One of the sweetest moments on this recording is the encore, Song For You. I wrote it as a goodbye song when I was fifteen and my family moved to a new state. Though I had rehearsed many songs with the band, Song for You was not one of them. All the same, Ben Crudup, the piano player, wandered back on stage after the first verse and joined in unrehearsed. He was soon followed by Todd Mahaffey on guitar and David Cohen on percussion. By the end of the song everyone was on stage again. It was a spontaneous magical moment, and it was fortunate to catch it on tape.

Guest Artists:

David Cohen, percussion
Ben Crudup, keyboards
Todd Mahaffey, lead acoustic guitar
Mary Davis, harmony vocal